IC Incubator

alumni-sponsored seed fund for student startups


funding, expert advice, and startup support from the GW Innovation Center


what we do

The GW Innovation Center (GWIC) in Tompkins Hall on the Foggy Bottom campus is the first dedicated physical place for cross- departmental and multidisciplinary innovation on campus. The GWIC provides a supportive climate for ideation, creativity and entrepreneurial thinking; and it leverages existing resources to engage students, faculty, staff, alumni, and leaders from the community to address critical challenges.

The focal point of the GWIC is to facilitate knowledge transfer and acquisition of hands- on skills, new domain exploration, interaction with peers from other disciplines, alumni, and like-minded people. The GWIC aids discussions around disruptive ideas, exposure to art and affords real-world opportunities for GW students aspiring to create value for others.


coming up in Tompkins M06

Contact Us

Reach out to our co-director and chief evangelist, Annamaria Konya-Tannon, at annamaria@gwu.edu.